Why Do We Use Celery When Making a Bloody Mary Cocktail?

Bloody Mary Cocktail - Tomato juice with celery, spices, salt and ice in portion glasses with copy space

What is the secret to making the perfect Bloody Mary cocktail? While there are many variations of this classic drink, one ingredient that is always a staple is celery. But have you ever wondered why we use celery when making a Bloody Mary? The History of the Bloody Mary Cocktail Before we dive into the […]

What Are the Ingredients for a Moscow Mule Cocktail?

Cold Moscow Mules - Ginger Beer, lime and Vodka on bar

If you’re a fan of refreshing cocktails with a kick, then the Moscow Mule will surely be right up your alley. This classic drink has been a favorite for decades, known for its zesty flavors and unique presentation in a signature copper mug. But have you ever wondered what exactly goes into making this delicious […]