Johnnie Walker Whisky is a famous brand globally and comes from Scotland. John Walker was the founder. It’s been around since the 19th century and has since made several labels under the brand. Many people wonder which label is the best. It is a complex answer due to each individual’s preferences.

If quality is what whisky drinkers seek, then the Blue Label is the highest quality. The most popular and most used is the Johnnie Walker Red Label. The Red Label is the highest quality in the most affordable range and is used in many cocktails. Johnnie Walker Black Label or the Double Black are the preferences for those who love the bold flavor of whisky.

It is almost impossible to choose only one of the seven labels to be the best, but we will go through each one and highlight what makes each of them the best in their features.

What Is Johnnie Walker?

Jonnie Walker is a scotch whisky blended with the finest malt and grain. Its brand separates itself from the rest because it comes from different distilleries. Other brand names come from only one distillery. Out of the distilleries, these are the labels Johnnie Walker carries:

Johnnie Walker Red Label

The Red Label combines dark and light peat whiskies and is the cheapest among the seven labels. Its original name was Special Old Highland Whisky when it debuted, but it was later changed when other labels started to come out of the distilleries.

The flavor has a little spice and is the most easygoing, simple whisky. It is the most commonly found label in bars worldwide and the most used in mixed drinks. In the background, one can taste a slight hint of a smoky flavor, which is one of the classics.

Johnnie Walker Black Label

This label contains up to forty various malt whiskies and is aged up to 12 years, adding extra peatiness. The flavors consist of vanilla and caramel with a soft spice. It leaves the drinker with smokey, sweet, and spicy flavors on the pallet.

When it debuted, the Black Label’s original name was Extra Special Old Highland Whisky, and it was side by side with the Red Label in the original lineup of the brand. There is a mixture of Island, Lowland Speyside, Islay, and grain whiskies as the flavors of Caol Ila smoke, BBQ’d, and sweetness hit the taste buds, followed by the salty taste of Talisker.

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

The Double Black Label has a more intense flavor on the smoky side as it contains more charred-cask whisky flavors, adding more peatiness. It debuted in 2011 and is noted for its aroma and taste. Those who love the smoked flavors in whisky will appreciate this label. It is best kept for those summer nights after hard work or sitting around a campfire in the cooler temperatures.

Johnnie Walker Green Label

The Green Label is affordable and unique in its flavor as it stands alone from the other labels. It is blended from four malt distilleries and debuted in 2012. The label was canned shortly after but made a comeback in 2016. This label has no grain whisky, giving it a rounder flavor. It keeps its flavors traditional around smoke and spice. It is also noted for its honey and sweet flavor attached to flavors of dried fruits.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label

There are 15 various whiskies blended to make this a spectacular spirit. It is perfect for formal gatherings and smooth sipping neat with its sweetness of caramel, honey, and vanilla flavors. The Gold Label debuted in 1995 and is still one of the high-class whiskies that many seek out for their functions or business meetings.

This label differs from the previous ones because the smoky flavor is absent. Listed below are all the flavors from the various whiskies combined into one:

Johnnie Walker 18-Year-Old Label

This label was initially called the Platinum label but was renamed in 2017. There also is a mixture of 18 various whiskies that make up this label. Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not. It is best with a mix of ice or a little water.

The Gold Label was first called the 18-Year-Old Label until Platinum, which debuted in 2012, changed its name, and took on the 18-Year-Old Label. It is considered the big brother to the Gold Label and has all the same flavors, just bumped up to the next level of intensity, falling short of the Blue Label.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Finally, the crowned jewel of the Johnnie Walker labels is at the top of the list and debuted in 1994. The Blue Label is considered the best in the lineup, but it is the most expensive, and rightfully so. It is the smoothest of all the labels and is mixed with various flavors, including sherry, toffee, honey, and barley. This label also has a hint of a smoky flavor.

This label is meant for high rollers and big timers and is used only on formal and high-class special occasions. It contains the most well-balanced of whiskies. The smoke and spice are only a hint and do not slap you in the face. It is aged perfectly and has the finest texture and refinement for smooth sipping and pure enjoyment.

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