What to Consider When Pairing a Wine With a Dish

Food and wine pair very well together, but many people need help figuring out how to make that happen. This article will help you to be able to pair great delicious food with the best types of wine available. The fun fact is that if you’re planning a dinner party, you can order the different types of wine that you will need for your party from Instabooze. The staff at Instabooze will ensure that your wine is delivered to the correct location when you designate it. This will make it easy for you to focus on creating a delicious meal with all the best foods and the proper wines to make everything perfect.

Tips on How to Pair Wine with Food

You should first remember to choose a wine that is more acidic than the food you will be serving. Also, remember that the wine should be sweeter than the food you’re serving and have the same flavor intensity as the food you will be eating. Red wines pair best with boldly flavored meats such as steak or roast. White wines pair best with light-intensity meats, such as fish or chicken. If a wine is more bitter tasting, such as a glass of red wine, it is best balanced with a food that contains a lot of fat. It is a good idea to match wine with the sauce rather than the meat you are serving. More often than not, the best wines to create contrasting pairings are white wine, sparkling wine, and rose.

Basics Tastes Are Important

There are over 20 different types of tastes that are found in today’s food. This varies from the basic, which can be sour, sweet, and fatty, to the more extreme, such as spicy foods, electric, or umami. When pairing food and wine, you only need to focus on six different tastes. Those include sweet, spicy, acidic, salty, fatty, and bitter.

Wine’s Basic Taste Components

Wine lacks the three tastes of spiciness, saltiness, and fattiness. However, it does include acidity, sweetness, and bitterness in various degrees. You should group wines into three different categories. Those include that red wines have more bitterness than other wines, sweet wines have more sweetness than other wines, and white, rose, or sparkling wines are more acidic.

Consider the Components of Food

You should also consider the basic components of the food that you will be serving. An example of this would be that a dish like baked macaroni has two main components: salt and fat. Barbecued chicken may have more sweetness, salt, spice, fat, and a small amount of acid. A salad can offer basicity and bitterness, while creamed corn only offers sweetness and fatness.

What is the Intensity?

When it comes to food, you need to determine if it is a super light food or a very rich food. A salad may seem lighter, but if you’re serving it with a very acidic dressing, it can change the intensity. You can determine the intensity of a food by deciding on how much sweetness it has, fattiness, spiciness, etc.

Try to Find Congruent Pairings and Contracting Pairings

After you have figured out all the basic taste components of the different foods you will be serving, you can experiment with different wine choices to pair it with. For example, a complementary pairing for a dish with macaroni and cheese would be a white wine, such as a pinot grigio. This is because it has a high acidity level. A congruent pairing with macaroni and cheese can also be a white wine, such as a Chardonnay since it will balance out with the creamy sauce of the macaroni and cheese.

A bold red wine can also be paired with macaroni and cheese because the fat and salt balance it. This means you will end up with very subtle flavors from the macaroni to pair with the cheese and wine. For example, if you include smoked gouda in your macaroni and cheese dish, you can choose a type of wine that also has a smokiness. This is because the smoky flavors will combine to create a very harmonious pairing. This also means that the tannin and the wine can create a complimentary pairing with the fat in the macaroni and cheese.

You can go with a sweet white wine with your macaroni and cheese since it will bring out the sweetened salty flavors. For example, if you add ham to your macaroni and cheese dish, it would go well with a zesty white wine with a hint of sweetness. This is because the acid would create a complementary pairing with the macaroni and cheese due to its fat, and the sweetness would act as a harmonious pairing with the ham.

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