Bacardi is a family-owned brand that has been around since 1862 and has outreached to over seven generations with its fine spirits. Two of the top labels in Bacardi are Bacardi Gold Rum and Bacardi Superior Rum, better known as silver or white rum. From distilling to the finish, there are several differences to cover with the gold and white rum.

Though they are both rum, we do not recommend mixing the two in mixed drinks or cocktails. Together, they will overpower the drink and provide proof that the two labels are different. Separately, they are great for enjoying smooth sipping, neat, or mixed cocktail drinks for parties or just sitting down and chilling. So, let’s review all the differences to understand what makes each label unique.

Bacardi Gold

Rum is one of the sweeter spirits that goes well in several cocktails, and the gold label is favored for drinking neat. It has a golden hue or amber look, which gives cocktails a darker color and adds boldness to any mixed drink. Bacardi Gold has more of a kick to mixed drinks and is a preference for those who favor the alcohol potency in their favorite cocktails.

Bacardi White

Bacardi Superior, also called Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, has a white or clear appearance that is not as potent as the alcohol kick in mixed drinks. Even though it is 80-proof like the Bacardi Gold, the white label goes down smoother but has the same effect after those challenging and stressful days.
White rum is the most common spirit found in cocktails. Dark rum is used mainly for cooking, smooth sipping neat. Despite the many differences, one thing is the same in each. Both use fermented molasses, which gives them the signature sweet flavor like the other spirits.

The Differences in the Distilling and Aging Processes

Distilling is a process that takes time, and the gold label is stored for extended periods. Both the white and gold are distilled with fermented molasses. Bacardi uses parallel and column distillation. The fermented molasses is distilled two times. The first time it is distilled is to lessen the intense flavor. Its final product is a lighter-bodied spirit when it runs through the distilled process the second time.

The primary difference in aging is the time and containers used. Bacardi Gold is stored in charred oak barrels for up to two years. This type of aging plays a factor in the amber color of the spirit. Bacardi Superior is aged for only one year but is stored in stainless steel barrels. The difference in barrels gives it a lighter color but still has a hint of a golden hue until it is removed from the containers and run through the filtration process again.

The Filtration Process

Once the distilling process is completed, the gold and white labels undergo filtration before they are stored and aged. Only the Bacardi Superior goes through another filtration process after the aging process is completed.

The Bacardi Gold maintains its color from the charred oak barrels, which turns it into a mahogany color. A special mixture of charcoal is used to act as a magnet during the filtration process for each. This entirely removes the color from the Bacardi White, giving it its white or silver (clear and clean) look after it is aged and filtered again.

The Taste and Finish of Each

The extra filtering gives the Bacardi White a lighter flavor, but each has its own distinct flavor and texture. Bacardi Gold has mixed vanilla, butter, and caramel flavors with a hint of toasted almond. It also has another hint of banana with orange peel zest. Since it sits in oak barrels, it has a noticeable oak flavor, leaving it rich with a dry and sweet finish. The aroma leaves hints of butter and nuts.

Bacardi Superior has different flavors: orange blossom, lavender, and rose. A hint of several other flavors is coconut, apricot, banana, and a splash of lime, which gives it a refreshing taste. The aroma is fruits and almonds mixed in with the smell of roses. It is the added filtration that offers its unique flavors and aroma. Many would agree; the Superior goes best with mixed drinks because it does not have as strong an oak flavor as the gold label.

Price Differences

Rum is one of the cheaper spirits to make due to the process. Unlike distilling and aging other alcohol brands, the barrels are reusable after aging. The barrels must be cleaned after each use and cleaned again within 24 hours of the next round of storing the rum. Compared to the others, it is an average-priced rum. However, Bacardi Gold is more costly than the white or silver label. Even though there are more steps in making Bacardi Superior, the time spent aging for Bacardi Gold surpasses all the steps in quality from its darker and richer flavor.

Making Cocktails or Mixed Drinks

Rum is one of the most popular spirits in mixed drinks or cocktails. Bacardi is one of the most used brands but not the most famous. When it comes to sitting at the bars or attending house parties, these are the most popular items used to mix with Bacardi Gold or Superior for mixed drinks or cocktails:

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