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Jose Cuervo is a popular tequila that goes well with Mexican meals. It has a distinct flavor, unlike many alcoholic beverages, and is not for the faint of heart. Those who love to taste test alcohol find the burning sensation stimulating but also flavorful when drinking neat or mixed with margarita mix or martinis. It has stood the test for over three centuries and is still one of the most requested alcohols in bars, restaurants, hotels, and casinos. People find it relaxing and enjoyable after a hard day or drinking socially. We will dig deeper into Jose Cuervo tequila to learn more about this unique but popular alcoholic beverage.

A Brief History of Jose Cuervo Tequila

Jose Cuervo tequila originated in Mexico in 1758 and is still family-owned. José Antonio de Cuervo y Valdés was given land in Jalisco, Mexico, by the Spanish King Fernand VI. Jose Cuervo began to produce tequila from the blue agave plant and started the flagship for all other tequila brands from that point.

The agave plant is grown for 12 years before the juice is extracted. The plant sits for ten days as it goes through the pre-fermentation process. It goes through double distillation and uses the sugar contents from the plant to add the alcohol content. All sugars turn to 80-proof alcohol content as it becomes tequila Blanco.

Everyone says there is nothing better than the original. Some brands have come close, but the Cuervo family kept it authentic. It was perfected and made its way up to San Blas, California, over the years, where it took off across America, gained fame, and earned the family a fortune.

The Four Types of Tequila

Four types of tequila are distinguished according to the aging process. They are as follows:

Young: This aging process is the lesser of the three, which sets in an elm barrel. It is also known as white or silver due to its lighter color. The outer edges are silver as it sits in the glass, while the middle has a cloudy white appearance. It is clear and transparent compared to the other two. The tequila ages only a few days in the barrel, giving it a slightly wooden taste. The most popular brand is the Jose Cuervo Tradicional Plata, served before meals as an appetizer.

Slightly Aged: This type of tequila has a slightly golden or amber color and is known as Reposado. The color darkens as it sets in the barrels and stays untouched for two to 12 months. It has a smoother flavor but is stronger than the white or silver tequila. Since it stays in the barrels longer, the smell is well noted as it is served with meals and is best for mixed cocktail drinks like margaritas and martinis. Jose Cuervo Tradicional is the best option for flavor and smell, but we recommend Tequila Jose Cuervo Especial to mix cocktail drinks.

Aged: This tequila is aged in a copper barrel and is the darkest of the three, as it stays untouched for one to three years. It is known as Añejo. The color is amber or copper and has a spicy, extra strong wooden flavor. If you want to know what to mix it with, don’t. Due to its potency and strength, this aged tequila is meant to be drunk alone (neat) and is best served after a meal. The best-aged tequila to drink is Jose Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino.

Extra Aged: This one has the most demanding flavor and is the darkest in color. It is aged in a French or white elm barrel for longer than the rest. This is another tequila you don’t want to mix with anything because of the overpowering smell and taste. If you want to know how strong it is, it will take the carbonation out of the soda and bring it to stale. Nothing will mix well when tequila is served this strong to deter the potency. It will force you to take it in small sips and drink it after a meal. Try the Reserva de la Familia for the extra-aged flavor and mighty kick.

Varieties of Tequila Brands

Here is a list of the different varieties in brand names that make up the four types of tequila. Those listed as 70 proof are considered in the young category. The ones listed under 80 proof are slightly aged to extra aged. Lastly, the aged and extra-aged are regarded as 90 proof.

What to Mix with Jose Cuervo

Several mixed drinks come to mind when talking about Jose Cuervo tequila. These are the most popular ones:

Jose Cuervo tequila, salt, and lime – Salt is optional.
Tequila Sunrise – mixed with orange or lime juice and grenadine
Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado Old Fashioned – cinnamon stick, blood orange twist, bitters, and simple syrup

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