How to Enjoy Jameson Whiskey like a Pro

Drinking whiskey from Instabooze is an excellent pastime for most people if done responsibly. We can learn from the creators of Jameson Irish Whiskey how to drink whiskey like the pros. No, we are not talking about straight-shooting and seeing how much you can handle before hitting the floor. We are talking about the classic and classy ways to drink whiskey like a real professional in a social environment.

The different ways are to have mixed drinks or cocktails, mix with water or ice, add whiskey stones, or drink neat with smooth sipping by the shots. It is all about taste and the flavors of preference of each individual.

Mixed Drinks and Cocktails with Jameson Whiskey

Jameson Whiskey is a smooth-sipping whiskey that goes well with mixed drinks and cocktails because it does not lose its deep flavors while mixing with different liquids. Alcohol levels are the same, but the flavors are diluted to a most extravagant sweetness. The best alcohol with mixed drinks and cocktails is labeled 80 proof and over.

Those unfamiliar with mixed drinks or cocktails will find the best starter drink is the Jameson Ginger n’ Lime. It has a mixture of spicy, sweet, and refreshing tastes. It is hard to decide when there is such a variety.

The pros love cocktails and mixed drinks. It allows you to mingle well with the partygoers. It leaves you with an almost VIP feeling when drinking socially. Those who cannot handle straight whiskey find a fascination in this category.

Jameson whiskey also goes great with sweet flavors such as sodas and juices. Coke and sprite are among the top sodas people mix drinks with when they are out on the town. Add cherry or fruit flavors to the drink to perk up the crowd. Most signature drinks are found by accident, so a little experimenting goes a long way.

Mixing Jameson Whiskey with Water or Ice

Another way the pros love to smooth sip on Jameson Irish Whiskey is by mixing it with a bit of water or “watering it down” or with ice “on the rocks.” This will dilute the alcohol sensation for those who want to drink it straight without the kick. Ice does the same thing but cools the drink for a refreshing flavor that slowly mixes the water and whiskey as the ice melts.

Those who order water and whiskey will notice it comes in two servings. Bartenders serve whiskey in one glass and water in another glass or pitcher. It is at the discretion of the person consuming the whiskey as to how much water they wish to add. It leaves control in their hands to measure the intensity and flavor.

The pros will always taste the whiskey first before watering it down. They will mix the water slowly and bring it to their desired taste. It takes a few drops of water to start and add as needed.

Some people find start-up drinks harsh and dilute them with water. As they continue to drink more, they will use less water while sitting at the bar. The more consumed, the easier it is to handle straight whiskey.

Drinking Whiskey with Whiskey Stones

Those who love the straight whiskey flavor or drinking “neat” but want it cooled down and refreshing use whiskey stones. Whiskey stones are blocks made of marble, metal, and various stone mixtures and are placed in the freezer. They remain ice cold and are placed in the whiskey glass to add a chilled drink ready upon ordering. Irish Ice goes great with Jameson Irish Whiskey to keep it in the Irish heritage.

It is essential to note that they are not recommended to use with a full glass of liquid. They only work with small amounts to keep the whiskey chilled. One to two ounces of liquid at a time is recommended to cool down. The more liquid is poured on the stones, the less coolness is achieved.

The best part about whiskey stones is that they are reusable and easy to clean. All it takes is to clean, dry and put them back in the freezer to use for the next rounds.

Drinking Jameson Whiskey “Neat”

Drinking Jameson Whiskey “neat” is not about the presentation. It is drinking whiskey straight. It is served in a glass with one ounce of whiskey poured, equivalent to a shot or three bottle caps full of alcohol. There are no additives, nothing is mixed, and everything is served at room temperature.

No one knows how to do this better than the pros or the Irish. Jameson Irish Whiskey is noted as the smoothest alcohol with great flavor.

Using Sight, Smell, and Taste to Judge

As most would say, smooth sipping is the secret to how you “hold your liquor.” The faster you drink alcohol, the quicker it can shut the system down, especially with higher proof. The pros will always smoothly sip whiskey because it allows consuming more at a steady pace.

The pros use their sight to note how strong alcohol is. The darker the alcohol, the stronger and richer the flavor is.

The smell is the next step because as you inhale, it is easy to tell how strong the alcohol is. Professionals know what they are getting into by how strong the smell is.

Lastly is the taste or flavor. This is where you must decide if you want it mixed, watered down, on ice, or continue with it “neat.” If the alcohol has a high proof, the more it will burn in the mouth and throat as it is consumed. Then again, the more you drink, the less you will feel.

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