How to Choose the Right Wine

Wine has been a delicacy for millennials and is used for almost every meal. There are different types of wine for diverse taste buds and preferences. The types of wine are red, white, Rose, dessert, sparkling, sweet, and dry wine. Each is distinctive and has its purpose during or after a meal or drinking by itself. We at Instabooze are here to help you choose the right wine for your occasions.

The Different Types of Wine

This is a guide to help explain each wine and the occasions each is used.

Red Wine

Red wine is fruity and has strong tannins. Most people find red wine bitter, while tannin gives the wine a smooth texture. The more tannin, the darker the look and bolder the flavor. Red wine is not the best to drink chilled. The coldness brings out the tannin more and can make the bitterness almost unbearable.

These are the most famous types of red wine:

White Wine

White wines have a crisp, fruity flavor, vigorous intensity, and an acidic backbone. There is a bit of tannin, but not much. Some would call the white wine tart, while others call it flat. White wines can be better to chill than red wine. Beware not to chill too much, or the flavor will dissipate.

These are the most popular picks for the different types of white wine:

Rose Wine

This wine has a pinkish tint but does not stay as long as red wine with red grape skins. Rose is an almost transparent lighter color and contains low tannin. The famous Rose wines are:

Dessert Wine

These are wines that are best served after a meal. Like desserts, they are sweet. Brandy is usually added to dessert wines to keep the sugar levels higher. The wine loses most of the sugars during the process of fermentation.

The most famous dessert wines are:

Sparkling Wine

Like soda, sparkling wine is carbonated, making the drink sparkle and fizz. It is a sweet and dry wine made from white and red grapes. Champagne is made from Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir. Champagne is a type of sparkling wine and is not to be confused on its own. These are among the most popular sparkling wines:

Choosing the Right Wine

Choosing the right wine is more than saying it is within one’s preference. Wine is considered sacred in many cultures and is still used as the primary beverage after meals.

There are hundreds of wine brands, each with its distinct flavor and texture. Many people should take a taste test to determine which wine to take and call their own. There are five primary descriptors to know and understand to choose the right wine. Once these are understood, we can explain further.

  1. Body: When mentioning the body of the wine, people are talking about the weight or viscosity. Light-bodied has the same texture as water, and a medium body is in between. A full-bodied wine coats the glass side while swirling. It has a thick consistency.
  2. Tannin: Tannins are typical in red wine and distinguish the bitterness of the wine. High tannin is bitter, and low tannin is not so much. They are soft and smooth in texture.
  3. Acidity: Acidity is chosen in the white wine section. It is sour or crisp with high acidity, or the low acidity has a fatty taste.
  4. Sweetness: The flavor speaks for itself. Wine is distinguished as sweet or dry. The other choices are off-dry or medium-dry. It means there is only a speck of sweetness or a little more of a hint.
  5. Alcohol: This is the one that most people do not know the content of. The levels can start at 5.5 percent up to 20 percent alcohol per volume. This is a primary factor for most people as it will also affect sweetness.

Know Your Flavors

Once you master the texture, moving on to the flavors is easy. There are many, but the basis of everything we know comes from grapes. Grapes are green or purple but known in the world of wine; they are white and red and go by the juice that pours forth from them. Other flavors you can taste test are:

Taste Testing Wines

Going to a taste-testing session is essential without having other food or beverages right before going. This can ruin the taste buds and mess up your choice of wine. It may taste one way but may have a different flavor later when tried again.

There are so many flavors and textures to choose from but try to keep them narrowed down to what you like the most and go with that. If you are not 100 percent sure what to look for, tell the servers you want contrasting bottles of wine. Ask for fruity and earthy, then taste the difference. You can also ask for bold and smooth red wine and see the differences.

You may want to purchase a bottle of wine after deciding. We recommend keeping it cheap at first glance. This will help you decide on the flavors and textures preferred the most. Once the choice is made of favorites, moving up in the price levels will get easier with the knowledge gained.

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