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Sauza Tequila

Made using the finest, fresh blue agave at the storied La Perseverancia distillery; this classic tequila offers aromas of lime zest, vanilla, and hints of anise and spice with apricot/peach and pepper notes. Dry and smooth with flavours of caramel, herb, and lime, followed by soft vanilla and stone fruit notes on the finish. ABV: 40% | Made In Mexico

Clase Azul Tequila

Renowned for its stunning handmade and hand-painted decanter, tequila is equally beguiling. The ultra-premium spirit is made from organic agave and aged for eight months in a barrel. The palate is smooth with notes of pineapple, agave, caramel, and hot peppers, and a pleasant salty note on the long finish. Savour solo. ABV: 40% | Made In Mexico

Blu Giovello Prosecco

The prosecco in the distinctive blue bottle. In the glass, it has bright aromas and flavours of white fruit - quince, starfruit, with a touch of nuts, honey, and fresh pear. The palate is dry and refreshing with lively bubbles and Asian pear and tangy quince notes on the finish. Great on its own or paired with appetizers. ABV: 11% |  Made in Italy    

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