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Luc Belaire Rare

A lovely, frothy refreshing bubble with aromas of ripe peach, pear and sunshine-dappled orchards. This sweet sparkler is all the dessert you need. Terrific balancing acidity. ABV: 40% in France

Luc Belaire Bleu

The newest fizz from popular producer Luc Belaire, the Bleu blends Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes and offers suggestions of fresh berries and tropical fruit along with an elegant balance of roundness and delicacy. T ABV: 12.5% | Made in Provence, France

Peller Family Pinot

Crafted with over 50 years of winemaking tradition, our Pinot Grigio is made with grapes picked from the finest vineyards in Canada and around the world. Fresh, tropical citrus notes are highlighted by a crisp grapefruit finish, making it ideal for any occasion. ABV: 12% | Made in Canada


The world's most popular Cognac, Hennessy VS is the modern-day equivalent of the original Hennessy 3-Star. It is an expression of expertise and consistency, centuries in the making. Intense character and full-bodied flavours of toasted almond, fresh grapes, and citrus zest make this ideal served neat or in a cocktail. ABV: 40% | Made in Cognac, France

Blu Giovello Prosecco

The prosecco in the distinctive blue bottle. In the glass, it has bright aromas and flavours of white fruit - quince, starfruit, with a touch of nuts, honey, and fresh pear. The palate is dry and refreshing with lively bubbles and Asian pear and tangy quince notes on the finish. Great on its own or paired with appetizers. ABV: 11% |  Made in Italy    

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