Creative Cocktail Recipes for Jack Daniel's Fans

Jack Daniel’s whiskey is among the most popular alcohol labels. Jack and Coke is the top choice for most people when ordering mixed drinks, but many cocktails go well with Jack Daniel’s. We at Instabooze have the top ten recipes you may or may not know about that do well at most bars and nightclubs.

Jack Daniel’s whiskey has been around since the Civil War of 1864, now with different flavors, such as the original sour mash, honey, apple, and fire. Most cocktails call for one ounce of whiskey as the base of the kicker recipe, but you can make it stronger by adding more if you wish. More will take away from the mixture’s flavor, but some prefer the strong alcohol flavor with each sip.

Jack and Coke

Jack and Coke is no stranger when requested at the bar or a restaurant. It is a simple mixture, usually mixed with one ounce of Jack Daniel’s in a six-ounce glass and the rest filled with Coke. Some like it stronger where two ounces of alcohol are added, but it is within the preference of the one drinking.

Too much Coke will cause the mixture to become too sweet. Try adding a lemon wedge to drink to enlighten the moment. This drink goes well with a crowd of people and some pizza.

Winter Jack Warmer

This cocktail drink goes well during the colder months of winter. Alcohol already warms the blood flow; this drink will spice things up even more to give you that warm, welcoming feeling. Add one ounce of Jack Daniel’s whiskey in a six to eight-ounce glass. Use Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack Tennessee Cider mixture by following the directions on the label.

Add caramel sauce to the preferred taste and throw in a cinnamon stick. It adds a cinnamon flavor as you stir the drink with it. The caramel sauce can be homemade to your perfection or purchased at the store. Look for and use the caramel topping.

Lynchburg Lemonade

Like spiking the punch, Lynchburg Lemonade is the perfect summer drink for backyard bashes and BBQs. It is a mixture of one ounce of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, one ounce of lemon juice, and one ounce of triple sec, mixed with four ounces of Sprite or 7-Up. Pitchers are best for making these cocktail drinks for serving a larger crowd, but we will go ahead and explain by the glass. Be careful because its kick will catch you by surprise, like the Long Island Iced Tea.

Tennessee Honey Cocktails

Tennessee Honey Cocktails are closely related to the Moscow Mule with a Southern spin. One ounce of Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey replaces the Vodka. Add a splash of lime juice and fill the rest with ginger beer. It is a refreshing cocktail drink meant for the summertime as you sit by the pool or smooth sipping at a backyard bar-b-que.

Apple Cider Whiskey Cocktail

This cocktail drink will light up any moment as one ounce of Jack Daniel’s Fire Whiskey is used to spice up the mixture. Fire whiskey is a strong cinnamon liquor similar to the burning sensation of the Red Hots sold in stores.

The basics of the drink are one ounce of alcohol to the desired amount of apple cider. Other ingredients added to taste are coconut sugar and lemon juice. This drink is popular year-round but is excellent for the fall and winter months to keep you warm.

Apple Jack Martini

Most people think of gin when speaking of a Martini. It is another drink that goes well in the colder months since most people drink apple cider when it is cooler outside. The only two ingredients are one ounce of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and the rest of apple cider with no other additives. It goes great with friends sitting around a campfire.

Jack Daniel’s Iced Tea

Like the Lynchburg Lemonade, Jack Daniel’s Iced Tea is a favorite for summertime, enjoying the smooth sipping cocktail on a beach or by the poolside. The mixture calls for half a lemon, unsweetened iced or lemon tea, and one ounce of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Throw in some ice and stir well. Add another shot of whiskey for a more substantial effect, but be warned, it will sneak up on you. As you enjoy the summertime scenery, the drink is addictive and will leave you looking for more.

Whiskey Swirl Cocktail

These cocktail beverages are perfect for those who love the alcohol kick without all the fruity and sweet flavors. It is a whiskey sour mixture with a swirl of different flavors and is quite popular among Jack Daniel’s fans. Like all the other drinks, it calls for one ounce of Jack Daniel’s Sour Mash Whiskey, one part grapefruit soda, one part ginger ale, and squeeze some fresh lime juice to suit your taste buds. Throw in some mint leaves to add more refreshment to the drink for a bursting flavor.

Pepper Jack

Those who like Jack and Coke will love this drink. It has the exact measurements of Jack and Coke. The only difference is that Dr. Pepper is in Coke’s place. Most people do not think of Dr. Pepper going in an alcoholic beverage, but it leaves a fizzy, sweet flavor that leaves the same kick. It is also the same amount of fun as it is quick and easy to make.

Jack Knife Cocktail

This cocktail works best for coffee lovers who add sugar and cream. It favors those who love drinks in the evening or after dinner. The mixture requires only two ingredients, one ounce of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

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